View from Two: Being a team player means “Manny being Manny” is not always the way to go

Baseball has always had a great reputation in our country. Known as America’s past time, baseball is one of the biggest traditions in America. But that is quickly being thrown away. With so many of the major league players testing positive for steroid use, people are turning their backs on the sport. It is not fair to baseball for these players to be juicin’ up at all. However, high school baseball in Hamilton is different. It isn’t about just one person or what they think is the best thing to do. Major league players with a reputation of being a good hitter will almost never lay down a sacrifice bunt, even if it is best for their team in that situation. I have no doubt that anyone on our team would be willing to do that any time we need it.

So many times I see other schools with players who think they are the show. For some reason they think it is all about them. Honestly, it’s one of the things that bugs me the most. I cannot stand that, and it really shows the fine job teachers and coaches do at Hamilton to prevent that on our athletic teams. One of the best things in Hamilton sports is the unselfishness each team carries throughout the season.

As we enter our last week of conference play, we will need to keep our focus throughout the week. We are currently tied for first place with Zeeland East. With three games this week, we control our fate. Obviously we cannot control what any team does except for ourselves, so we will be looking to remain focused and play as well as we can. As is the case with every team in this league, Rogers and Unity Christian are not just going to give us a game to win. The final week of O-K Green baseball starts tomorrow as we are looking for a win heading into the final games of conference play on Friday.

-Corey Schrotenboer