View from Two: Memories built as we return to Michigan

Our varsity baseball team, along with a few junior varsity players, once again spent Spring Break in South Carolina.  The trip seemed to go by very quickly as we were busy with different activities most of the time.  We practiced in the morning from about 9:30 to 2:00 pm at Bishop England High School. Our practice consisted of defensive work for a while and then three different stations for hitting.  After a short break we would begin a four inning inter-squad scrimmage.

The afternoon after practice sometimes involved going to the beach, although the weather was a little cooler than what it normally is there for this trip, basketball at the park, tanning on the pool deck, or some video games.  We were split into four groups for dinner and each took our turn making it on the night it was assigned to us.  The nights were busy as well as we went bowling one night, went to a baseball game between The Citadel and Charleston Southern, and played “Street Smarts: Southern Style”.

Apart from a short downpour Monday morning, we were provided with great weather for practice.  We got a ton of reps fielding ground balls, catching fly balls, and swinging the bats.  Our pitching seemed to improve a ton as we had several awesome performances on the mound in our tournament on Saturday.

This trip was about more than just baseball though.  Our team, already pretty tight-knit, grew even closer through various activities and just living with people we don’t normally live with.  Our main activity was “Street Smarts: Southern Style” and this seemed to help us learn the most about each other.  Walking up and down the beach in several groups, we had to ask random people basic questions and record them answering, or attempting to answer, the questions.  The tapes were then all put together to make one movie that we used to play the game on Thursday night.

An already great trip got even better on Tuesday morning when Coach Behnke made an unexpected appearance and was able to stay with us for the rest of the trip.  His humor is usually a great bonus for the team and that proved to be true for the remaining couple of days.

With a busy upcoming week we will look to hit the practice field hard on Monday.  We will be playing five games Tuesday through Saturday and will need to continue to get good performances on the mound this week.

-Corey Schrotenboer